These are feelings I would like to share with anyone planning a wedding celebration: I love weddings! It’s always such a pleasure getting to know a bride and groom and learning about their vision for their wedding. It’s an honor for me to play a part in such an important occasion, and I am passionate about capturing all the images that reflect the couple and the beauty and intensity of their special day.

Everyone at a wedding is on an emotional high. My job, and my privilege, is to document the day’s full range of feelings. My skill lies in identifying and capturing on film transient, evocative moments, from stolen kisses when the bride and groom think no one is looking, to the love in the eyes of the bride’s father as he watches her dance with her husband for the first time.

Like each couple I meet, every wedding is unique, and I employ different styles to reflect the mood of the event, from classic images to modern compositions. Through my personal planning sessions with each bride, I ensure that I understand her dreams for her wedding day, and produce images that evoke that vision.

The activities, scenes, moods and emotions I capture on film become treasured memories. And that’s the most satisfying aspect of my job – knowing that, when looking through these photographs for months, years and decades to come, the couple will relive all the joy, exhilaration and enchantment of their wedding day.

- Kaija Berzins Braus


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